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“Who’s Missing?”— A Thanksgiving Challenge

By Emily Stroble | November 17, 2021

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, we double-check grocery lists and carefully read the fading handwriting on family recipes. Have we forgotten anything? What is missing from the table?

While traditions vary, harvest celebrations take place around the world. Your Thanksgiving menu might even have a few dishes, like corn or yams, in common with tables in Ghana, where communities celebrate a harvest festival called Kobine. But the abundance that Kobine celebrates isn’t the only harvest taking place. Believers, like James Bio, are taking the gospel throughout Ghana. During a recent outreach, James met a 14-year-old girl named Fatimata.

“She was afraid of her religion and customs,” James shares, “because young girls her age are given in marriage if a man declares his interest in them.”

Fatimata hoped to continue her education and become a nurse one day, but she feared she would have to marry like her older sister.

Imagine you are looking around a table where the family of God is gathering. If you ask yourself, “Who isn’t here yet? Who is still missing?” the answer is often “people like Fatimata.”

Millions are waiting, and believers like James are committed to doing whatever it takes to invite everyone to the table of God’s family.

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