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Ready to Make A Change?

Talk with God

Prayer isn’t your last resort — it’s your best hope! By talking to God, you tap into his power to alter circumstances and transform lives. That’s why prayer is the starting point for everything. On your own, you can do nothing. But when you’re with the Lord, anything is possible. Things will happen when you pray that do not happen if you don’t.


See and Tell

If every believer on earth shared Jesus with just three people, the whole world would hear the gospel! It’s as simple of seeing Jesus — his love, his truth, his power — and then telling your neighbors what you saw. When your encounter with Jesus becomes your identity, a witness isn’t just something you do. It’s something you are. Learn more about our “see and tell” method.

Give Back

Send the Gospel

While there are many good causes you could support, only one has eternal consequences: the gospel. There are places in the world where people still haven’t heard Jesus’ name — but you can change that. Your help is vital to making sure that every person has the chance to respond to Jesus’ love. By giving, you actively send the gospel to the ends of the earth, changing the world from right where you are.

Speak Up

Spread the Word

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Upcoming Events

Sept. 4 - Tavua Crusade at Tavua

Starts at 7:00 pm (FJT)

5th - 9th September - Mission outreach

5th September - Rosh Chodesh prayer chain

From 1:00 - 3:00 pm (FJT)

5th September - Marriage Seminar at CMF Navakawau

Starts at 6:30 pm (FJT)

6th September - Marriage Seminar at CMF Naselesele

Starts at 6:30 pm (FJT)

7th September - SUIS Rally at Bucalevu Secondary School grounds

Starts at 10:00 am (FJT)

7th September - Marriage Seminar at Welagi Village hall

Starts at 6:30 pm (FJT)

17th September - Marriage Seminar on Zoom with Micronesia

22nd to 25th September - Entrusted Event

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