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Our Solution

For us it’s simple — we will not leave anyone behind.

There is only one hope for the world: Jesus. While many are striving to make the world a better place in their own ways, the greatest thing we can do is share the truth and love of Jesus with everyone. When people seek answers, we want them to find Jesus.

We believe the local church can bring hope to a world in desperate need of it. God invites his people to pray, serve, love, and share the gospel with others. This has been the plan since Jesus told his followers to go and tell everyone, everywhere.

We share the truth and love of Jesus. 

There is power in the story of Jesus leaving the 99 to go after the one lost sheep. Our goal is to live this story out. We understand many groups are marginalized based on the part of the world they live in. Some are marginalized based on race or gender, others by education, living conditions, disabilities, or simply where they live. We want to ensure no one is left behind. Sometimes this means prioritizing the suffering and going to the farthest and hardest-to-reach places.

In this moment, Every Home for Christ is uniquely positioned to share the gospel on a global scale. With 180 offices in over 150 countries, we have on-the-ground experts crafting strategies. We are inspiring and equipping local believers to share the gospel using whatever methods and approaches make sense in each respective context.

This combination of connected local leaders and relevant methods lets us share the truth and love of Jesus with a lost and hurting world.

Ready to change the world?

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